Anekdota ng mga bayani

But neither the anxious and breathless expectation of the assembled chiefs and champions-neither the dead silence which stilled the roaring hall, when his harp was reverently placed before him by his attendant-nor even the commands or entreaties of the Prince himself-could extract from anekdota ng mga bayani more than a short and interrupted prelude upon the instrument, the notes of which arranged themselves into an air inexpressibly mournful, and died away in silence. The Prince frowned darkly on the bard, who was himself far too deeply lost in gloomy thought, to offer any apology, or even to observe his displeasure. Again he touched a few wild notes, and, raising his looks upward, seemed to be on the very point of bursting forth into a tide of song similar to those with which this master of his art was wont to enchant his hearers. But the effort was in vain-he declared that his right hand anekdota ng mga bayani withered, and pushed the instrument from him. A murmur went round the company, anekdota ng mga bayani Gwenwyn read in their aspects that they received the unusual silence of Cadwallon on this high occasion as a bad omen. He called hastily on a young and ambitious bard, named Caradoc of Menwygent, whose rising fame was likely soon to vie with the established reputation of Cadwallon, and summoned him to sing something which might command the applause of his sovereign and the gratitude of the company.
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